The studio aplantis was founded in 2015 by three partners. The three complement each other perfectly: specialist skills and vast expertise in: architecture, horticulture, design and project management build the foundation of aplantis.

Our core competence is the conception and planning of building greenery projects. We support our customers across the entire process. Our references and our broad network is the proof of a high level of creativity and professional teamwork.

Your primary contacts are:

Gerhard Zemp

Architect and Horticultural Engineer FH


Francisco Bouzas

Economist MBA


Beatriz Tadeia

Architektin FAULP 



A treat of nature in the room. Most of the people live in cities. They live immersed in a digitalised work environment longing for 'genuine nature‘ and sensuous pleasant experiences.

Aplantis uproots a piece of nature into urban space. Our greening concepts create a natural experience and satisfy the human need for connectedness with green.

Greenery is neither a symbolic replica of nature nor an alternative for architecture. We are convinced it’s a vital and integral element. 

Interventions are multifunctional and complementary. Small and large ecosystems emerge and spread in the urban space over courtyards, roofs, facades or indoor offices landscapes.

Intelligent solutions optimise resources, create measurably improved room climate and enhance quality of life.


  • We approach a challenge from an interdisciplinary angle, as a team with creativity.
  • We trust our skills and specialist knowledge from multiple disciplines.
  • We strive to create and foster high-quality, sustainable values.
  • We foster continuous innovation.
  • Think big start small!


Strong partner network: we rely on a network of specalist with sustainable systems, products and services made in Switzerland or the bordering countries. We build on decades of experience in collaborating with technical planners and providers.


With the right partners: Our network consists of specialists with sustainable systems, products and services from Switzerland and neighboring countries. We build on decades of experience working with specialist planners, engineers and suppliers.

We maintain regular contact with producers, greening companies as well as the respective associations and are trusted subject matter experts for the design and planning tasks.


We work consistently according to the guidelines and regulations of SIAEILO und FLL.