Our customers are public authorities, private and institutional developers, property investors, architects and technical planers from other disciplines.



Specialist planners for building greenery


Aplantis interacts at the juncture in-between the architect’s building and the built environment designed by the landscape architect.

Greening in, on-top and on buildings:

  • Interior landscape architecture
  • Climate zones between the interior and exterior space (buffer zones, winter gardens)
  • Atrium, courtyard and terrace greenery
  • Vertical gardens
  • Roof gardens (intensive and sloped roofs)
  • Functional green (BioAirTec)

We offer:

  • Consultancy, analysis, brainstorming, conception, feasibility studies, tenders, visions, spatial planning
  • Technical planning and assistance in accordance with SIA service phases


Biological Air Conditioning Technology

BioAirTech refers to the regulation of the room climate by using natural elements and new technology. Carefully selected and positioned, water and plants have a significant impact. As an integrated add-on to technical systems plants guarantee:

  • Natural regulation of the room temperature and relative-humidity.
  • Improvement of air quality and air hygiene
  • Improvement of room acoustics (noise reduction)
  • Energy savings and efficiency
  • Improvement of wellbeing and health

In the field of functional greenery (bio-technical indoor climate control) aplantis provides:

  • Problem analysis
  • Planning and project management
  • Building climate and plant physiological calculations
  • Assistance and advice in the selection of plants and system configuration
  • Interior landscaping-design focused on functional aspects (humidity, hygiene and acoustics)


Plants in pots dominated in the beginnings. Today new regulations and standards are considered. The vegetation is integrated into the interior architecture or the furniture from a  functional and design point of view. As specialists we support designers and manufacturers in the technical implementation of their idea.

We offer:

  • Corporate Green
  • Requirements analysis, ideation and drafting, conceptual design, evaluation of solutions, strategic advice
  • Systems and project engineering

    Collaboration and support over the full project cycle:

    • Concept
    • Design
    • Prototyping
    • Support until full-scale serial production